Grain, livestock, forestry and fuel – Redman Lynch Washington’s agribusiness practice covers the agribusiness value chain end-to-end across many sub-sectors, within the farm gate and beyond. We understand the agri-industry and the agri-political climate, we know how to deal with disparate stakeholder groups and we always provide you with practical, tailored legal solutions that enhance your agribusiness.


Supply chain management

We help you manage supply chains to streamline your business, including:

  • negotiating, drafting, managing and enforcing supply chain agreements (for example, storage and handling agreements)
  • land tenures and tenure conversion
  • undertaking due diligence on supply chain parties

Our client experience includes supply chains in the fuel, natural resources, livestock and grain sub-sectors.


Organisational structuring

We advise (as part of your wider adviser network) on identifying and implementing the best organisational structure for your business, including:

  • establishing special purpose vehicles for delivery of your projects and protection of your assets
  • succession planning and re-structures of family-owned and corporate agri-businesses
  • establishing incorporated and unincorporated joint ventures

We have assisted with structuring across the breadth of agri-business types and at various stages of the corporate lifecycle.



We help you deliver agri-focused projects, including:

  • selling and purchasing farming properties, including pre-contract advice, structuring of purchasing entities, contract negotiation and due diligence
  • negotiating, drafting, managing and enforcing your resource management arrangements, including leases, share-farming agreements, farm-out agreements, mining exploration licences, and management and consultancy agreements
  • engaging key stakeholders

We have helped with project delivery for agribusinesses ranging from individual farmers to ASX listed companies.


  • Storage and handling agreements for a grain marketing, transport, storage and container packing business.
  • Farm-out agreements for a regional livestock producer, to increase the scale of business while managing capital commitments.
  • Acquisition of agricultural land for the development of a large-scale livestock business, plus structuring of the business and operations.
  • Mergers and joint ventures including the merger of a private agribusiness with an ASX listed company.